Women are key stakeholders in Africa's economic development as they make up 70% of the continent's informal traders. In this episode, we will explore ...View Details

Despite its expansion, Africa’s contribution to global and intra-regional trade remains relatively low. Many scholars and researchers attribute low le...View Details

A crucial element of e-commerce is the timely and reliable delivery of goods. Postal service is the crux of this. Today we are joined by Mr. Dan Kagwe...View Details

4 out of 10 small businesses said they could permanently close due to the pandemic according to ITC’s COVID-19 Business Impact Survey. Resilient compa...View Details

Access to reliable and affordable internet connection is the backbone of today’s interconnected global economy. Yet across Africa, internet penetratio...View Details

One million. One million animal and plant species could go extinct, many within decades – that’s more than ever before in human history. Reversing bio...View Details

Hailing from the island of Jamaica, Pamela Coke-Hamilton took the helm of the International Trade Centre in October 2020 in the middle of a semi-lockd...View Details

Tourism accounts for one in every 10 jobs on the planet. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, there were 45 tourist arrivals worldwide every second. Is this ...View Details

15% of the global population experience some form of disability. And 80% of people with disabilities live in developing countries. Differently-abled p...View Details

Did you know that 15 years ago, streaming made up 0% of global music revenue? Now, it makes up more than half! Technology is changing the way music is...View Details

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