In two decades, 95% of all purchases will be made online, according to Nasdaq. Surprised?The internet is breaking down traditional barriers to interna...View Details

Small businesses can help the biggest organizations to tackle global challenges, like lack of access to energy. Did you know that one in ten people li...View Details

Most businesses in the world – up to 95% – are small businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has left many of them behind: most will not have enough cash...View Details

What challenges are small businesses facing during the COVID-19 outbreak? Some of these firms have only enough cash to last a few days. So how can int...View Details

How can farmers produce more – in a way that’s good for people and planet – to feed the booming global population? And how can agriculture attract you...View Details

Digital is changing how business is done. How can entrepreneurs succeed online… at scale? That's an 'invisible' role that business support organizatio...View Details

How do you picture young innovators? What is the role of youth in global trade? We talk to Charles Ofori Antipem, co-founder of the global award-winni...View Details

Did you know there are more Fortune 500 CEOs named John than there are women? How can trade help tackle this gender imbalance? In this episode, Profes...View Details

What’s next on the frontier of trade and development? In this episode, we ask Arancha González, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre, ...View Details

Welcome to Trade Forward

Let’s explore the latest innovations in trade. In this introductory episode, our host Susanna Pak explains what innovation means at the International ...View Details

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